Lise Boisvert was born in Charette in the Mauricie region in 1950. From her early years, her creativity pours through her charcoals and crayons. She spends all of her free time sketching and sewing. In 1996, confident of her rich experience in the art of dressmaking, she dives into the wonderful world of colour and form on canvas. She begins by experimenting with the tools and techniques of oil painting and then produces her first works. Her oil paintings soon become vital to her; they are the colour of her emotions, of her fantasies, of her passions... pieces that all can savour.

Over the years, oil is replaced by acrylic, and spontaneity and motion come to life on oversized canvases.

The essence of her works: the full splendour and femininity of women; a tribute to sensibility and joie de vivre. @ all right reserved - designed and scripted by Repro Cite Grafix